I’d like to introduce you to…

October 23, 2010 § 2 Comments

…my “oh God why did I buy all of this yarn and what am I supposed to do with it now” box.

It’s mostly full of yarns that I bought when I first learned about knitting and somewhat understood the basics of it. I bought most of it based off of how it felt but didn’t know anything about fiber content or weight or gauge. It’s mostly acrylics but a lot of it is also mystery brands/blends whose tags I lost years ago.
Why is this important? If it weren’t for this box I probably wouldn’t have any interest now in what I do. I just wish I had any idea what to do with all of it, because just letting it sit around seems like such a waste. 😦 I’ve started WiPs in a few of them but they rarely, if ever, follow through, and I mostly use it as a junk stash to test techniques or stitch patterns. For the most part though, it just sits around, wishing to be used…


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§ 2 Responses to I’d like to introduce you to…

  • Knot Krisp says:

    Try out new stitches and make a project for a good cause: my faves are Warm Up America and The Snuggles Project. That way you use up your stuff (making way for new yarn), you contribute to your community and you get to learn something new. Have fun!

    • breadmaker says:

      That’s actually a great idea! I’ve looked for charities for that reason, too, especially since some of the yarn in question is baby stuff. I can at least use the stuff whose fiber content I know, the mystery stuff will have to, uh, remain a mystery. 😉

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