Stitches East

November 1, 2010 § 1 Comment

Stitches East was this past weekend, conveniently located about half an hour away from where I am. How could I not go?
After some advice from a woman at my stitch ‘n bitch, I checked the Ravelry forums earlier last week and happened to see that some vendors were looking for assistance over the weekend. So rather than absentmindedly wandering around one day, I spent the whole weekend (and Thursday) with the wonderful women of Woolstock (say that five times fast). Even if they allowed cameras I wouldn’t have found time to take a picture because I was on my feet all day every day, digging through giant bags of yarn, finding prices and helping people with patterns. Not only was it a fun way to meet people and make some money, but I learned a lot about yarn and patterns and everything in the process – not to mention it helped my knitting schools a little bit too.
That’s not what’s important though! Even though I was a little low on funds, if I left empty handed I’d easily regret it forever.

First up is something I’ve needed for a while – a row counter/yarn cutter from Debra’s Garden. I don’t know where to put it, so right now it’s with the rest of my notions.

This was one of Woolstock’s many yarns that sold out over the weekend: GLOW IN THE DARK YARN. Amazing, right? Not only that, but it’s machine washable and the glow lasts for a good hour. I tried to get a picture of it glowing, but it wasn’t bright enough to register on my camera.

I can’t for the life of me remember the name of the booth that I bought this from. I want to say it was Great Yarns, so I’ll stick with that for now. Either way, this is two skeins of Malabrigo’s worsted superwash Merino wool (Rios) that I’d like to use for a pair of matching arm warmers. The colorways are different on purpose, of course. At that same booth I got to pick up…

…this amazing project bag. One of the employees there hand sewed a bunch of them by herself and had one on her while she helped me find yarns in their huge selection. What you do is clip it onto your belt loop (or what have you), dump the yarn inside, and knit/crochet away. So simple yet so amazing!

Plus it has BUNNIES! eeeeee

Don’t worry, I almost fainted too.
This is nine (!) hanks of Araucania’s Pomaire (100% hand-dyed pima cotton). That’s 1,647 yards of soft cottony goodness. I don’t have the slightest idea as to what I’m going to use it for yet, though my mom keeps reminding me that she really likes the color.

My toilet paper roll wasn’t cutting it anymore, so I caved and bought a nostepinne. I’m sort of a sucker for woodworking and the guy was incredibly friendly, too. Yes, that cake was rolled by yours truly! (I’m not proud of it or anything)

After all of that there are still things that I want to buy now that I have a little spending money. I think I already know what I’m going to spend some of it on…


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