It’s like Christmas

November 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

zee box

Care to guess what this is?
“It’s obviously a box” you might say, ohoho, but it is so much more!


Why yes, I have, in fact, received my very own set of Knit Picks Options. Did I spoil myself? Probably, but after a few days of deliberating I decided I liked wood needles more than the Addis, and they were considerably cheaper (with more size/cable options too!). Boy, am I so glad I took the time to figure that out, because it was worth it.


I really want to make a full comparison between the three types but it definitely does come down to a personal preference. I had to decide between the metal and the wood in the end, because while the acrylic tips are nice, the squeaking sound drives me INSANE. The metal proved to be too slick for me, especially since I’m the kind of adventurous beginner that likes to do cables in my first project. The tips are a little too pointy, but since I’ve recently switched from English to Continental, my Accidental Finger Stabbing has dropped 20%.
If I have any complaints, it’s that the case they came in is pretty awful. It’s a really sticky ugly kind of plastic that ended up becoming a small project bag once I bought a Lantern Moon case at my LYS (where I also bought the Cascade Eco Alpaca that’s on the needles above).

Well, even though I’ve had these needles for a while and – don’t tell my crochet hooks – like to open the case and sort of pet them a little then close it up, I haven’t really had a strong knitting mojo. Things have been a little, er, crazy lately, but it isn’t anything that I’d like to indulge here. I’ve also been making more yarn money by babysitting and am taking a class in a few weeks to learn how to make a Mo(e)bius Cowl. Thankfully, the week off ahead should give me plenty of time to work on projects and other things I’d like to get accomplished, especially the red scarf for the OFA whose deadline is approaching quickly. I am crocheting too, mostly “secret” projects, and I have some ideas for tutorials/guides I’d like to make.
Oh! I also absolutely have to stop by my LYS before the end of the week while the Danger Craft monsters are holding up the store. Dare I say that it’s Danger-ous for them to be so close to where I live? har har har har


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