hehfrengdo everybody look at the snow in their yaaaard

December 11, 2010 § 1 Comment

I’m not a fan of Family Guy, but unfortunately every time I hear “Sleigh Ride” (which is everywhere) it always comes to mind. Pretty sure I don’t know the actual words, either!
Since it is December now, that means a few things: snow, school ending, and “if I hear any more Christmas music I will lose my mind”. It also means a lot of this:

Though that isn’t very dependent on the weather.
Naturally around now a lot of people say that they’re really busy with finishing school and Christmas presents and such. I’ve definitely been keeping busy, in both good and bad ways. My aunt has had me babysit my 5 year old cousin on a fairly regular basis, which is an adventure in its own way. I’ve also – fingers crossed – managed to get a part-time job! After three years of being jobless it’s a relief to say that I can say I’m somewhat employed. Naturally, this also means plenty of yarn money ๐Ÿ˜€
School, though, has become its own monster in several ways, for reasons that I’d rather not divulge here. And, even though I love everything that’s been keeping me busy the last few weeks, going from “way too much free time” to “what’s free time?” is a little stressful, and when I get stressed I try to keep my mind distracted by knitting or otherwise. Thankfully that means I actually finished something!

This was mentioned several times already, as a “grandpa scarf”, but after further research I found that a neckwarmer suits him more than a full length scarf. Cascade Eco Alpaca + red wood buttons from my LYS + a wonderful, quick pattern * a week’s time = this soft, squishy, warm, luxurious neckwarmer. The recipient is leaving for Florida in a little over a week and will be gone for a few months, so I’m glad that doubling up the yarn made it something really quick to knit.
Unfortunately, my OFA red scarf probably won’t make the deadline, even though I’ve since restarted it and gone for a supposedly quicker idea, but I still have a long way to go. It’s given me a good opportunity to try combination knitting, though, which has intrigued me for a while. My left arm has started going the same route as my right, which is to say that moving my fingers makes my forearm tense up and hurt (a LOT), on top of both of my shoulders hurting and my right arm just being a pain. I blamed English-style purling for the annoyance and so far Combination has felt like much less strain. Plus, it just looks cool ๐Ÿ˜›



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