Twenty Eleven

January 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

Wait what? It’s a new year already? Did I miss the memo?
Of course, everybody spends their holidays in their own way and hopefully everybody out there had safe and wonderful holidays 🙂 Mine went well, though relatively uneventful, which was entirely my choice. I saw family, friends I hadn’t seen in years, met some new people, but most of all have had time to organize things and get projects done! We also got a ton of snow which was another good excuse to stay in, just check out these awesome icicles:

That isn’t to say that I’ve actually finished anything, but this is the first year in a few years that I’ve actually made resolutions, the first of which is to finish any residual projects before starting anything new. That includes the scarf for myself, armwarmers, the Rebecca Danger monster-in-progress, the All-Day Beret and my mom’s clapotis. Speaking of her clapotis, I ended up abandoning the idea of using my huge stash of cotton and decided to go buy some Artyarns Supermerino to use instead, which is an amazing, colorful, smooshy, soft yarn to work with. I also modified the pattern which seems to show off the color in an interesting way:

Hopefully in my next entry I’ll be close to finished and will be able to outline the changes I’ve made, since I can’t list everything here.
Part of my christmas gift was a collection of hamburger charms, which also means I’ve been making some fancy-schmancy stitch markers as well. They’re kind of ridiculous but also pretty awesome:

I made some crochet ones as well, but they’re pretty boring compared to the beaded ones for knitting.

Which reminds me, I realize that I originally started keeping a blog with the intention of seeing both crochet and knitting since I consider myself proficient in both, but I’ve found that crochet as of late has been aggravating my joints more than knitting does on average 😦 maybe it was my lack of physical therapy appointments but it makes amigurumi very annoying to complete.


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