Dear ArtYarns…

January 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

Dear ArtYarns,
Your Supermerino is a smooshy, warm, smooth, soft and spongy yarn to work with, and it’s the kind that I’d love to throw into a huge box and live in for the rest of my life. Even so, all of the buttery-smooth goodness could not have overcome the two hours of frustration I endured from trying to untangle a good chunk of it. I did not mind having to re-wind my ball, courtesy of my brand new ball winder, but I could have done without the blinding and increasingly confusing color changes that made the tangling and knotting even worse.

Ms. Okay-it-isn’t-your-fault-I-should-invest-in-a-real-swift-already

As it is Wednesday, it should be a habit by now to show my WiPs for Wip-wuh. I even have some to show off, and with good reason! Say hello to my front yard:

The only thing that’s missing is the several feet of ice that are now on top of all of the snow. That may or may not be a gross exaggeration.

I did finish the armwarmers I quickly mentioned at the end of a previous post!
I made some errors, as expected, but they still get the job done. I need to make MORE! NOW!!

Now, on the other end of the spectrum?
My Multidirectional Scarf has gone back in time and is now in the yarn phase. The pattern is a great, quick, mindless pattern to follow, but the end scarf would have been much too long and thick for me to wear on a regular basis. The two separate colorways I got also don’t go as well together as I thought they would, and as such, will be two different scarves now.

I will have finished objects next time I can get around to posting, I promise. School starts next week but my schedule is a little lighter than last semester so I still have some breathing room. There are also a few things I’d like to take care of that include this blog – mostly putting my domain to good use as a portfolio, among others. I shall see! 🙂


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