Oh Holy Cupcakes

February 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

Has there been snow!
There is snow on top of snow with some ice mixed with the snow, all over snow. With snow. Snow drifts and piles are taller than me! Wait, that’s not saying much, because I am tiny.
That also means there has been knitting. Boy, has there been knitting.
Is this not the most adorable monster ever? The pattern is Penelope courtesy of the amazing Rebecca Danger who has quickly become my hero over the past few weeks. In fact, the title is thanks to her, from her new book (which I have two copies of). I’m already working on one of her new patterns, actually.
All-Day Beret
This was a free pattern I yoinked from Debbie Stoller back in October at Stitches East. I use her Bamboo Ewe yarn as well. The biggest downside? I resized the pattern, so now the hat is too small to fit on my head comfortably. I still love the yarn and the pattern was nice and simple.
Yep, I drank the Clapotis Kool-Aid! I wanted it done for Christmas for my mom and finished it in time for her birthday instead, which is in a little over a week. I also changed the panels from stockinette to seed stitch:
which helped the scarf lay flat as I worked on it, but it still benefit from a block when it was done. I couldn’t get any pictures of the washed and blocked object, but I found a handsome model in the meantime…
I definitely need to make one for myself, it’s just a matter of being able to afford the yarn (if I can even figure out what yarn I want to use!)
On the other end of the spectrum, there’s school. With the weather it hasn’t been demanding, as this is my first full week of classes (but my third week overall). My schedule isn’t terribly complicated either, so hooray!
Then there’s also my hands. They’re being fickle, annoying, painful little appendages. My elbow, back and shoulder have been sore, which is nothing new, but now my left leg has been getting sore and painful which makes me wobble when I walk on bad days. Three of the fingers on my left hand have also been swelling, which I’ve been told are caused by overuse. I can only knit a few rows before they start to feel stiff and need ice or to be wrapped up like a velociraptor, and it’s hard to hold a knitting needle with two fingers.
The good news is, though, that I’ll hopefully have a better idea as to what’s causing my discomfort. As I sit here, I have a little piece of gauze and medical tape on my arm from a blood test I had this morning to make sure I’m not suffering from some kind of deficiency. As long as I can keep knitting I’m happy!


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