March 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

I know, technically St. Patrick’s Day was yesterday…
…which can only mean one thing! I turn 21 today 😀 I’m also officially on “Spring Break”, and today’s weather definitely speaks towards SPRINGGG. I’m so, so glad to be done with snow.
I’m even more glad to have a respite from school, too. I only had two midterms, which went smoothly, and not too many projects due, but I’ve become hugely busy over the past few weeks. I’ve started volunteering at a local museum, had a small “might need surgery” scare, will be helping make buttons for Walk for Choice, and of course have been knitting up a storm. Oh, I also started spinning.
Isn’t my first wheel-spun yarn just beautiful? I think most people would be discouraged by something so messy, curly and uneven, but I love it. I think it has character. And, I’m never going to use it. Unfortunately I can’t afford a wheel right now, not to mention I don’t have the space, so I’ve taken up spindling for the time being. My first spindle-spun isn’t as curly as my wheel-spun:
It definitely still has character, though.

Speaking of character, there have been a few more monsters in the house!
This big boy is Hugo (“who-go”) the Couch Potato Monster. He’s the perfect size for hugging and acting as a temporary pillow, but right now he keeps me company if I’m watching a movie or TV show.
Then there’s this classy little fellow, Sammy (Sammie) the Sock Monster. His braces give him a lisp, so it sounds more like “Schammie” when he talks. He asks me for a “schecond schock” all the time, which I do need to get around to doing.
The lovely Mrs. Danger is the one to credit for the patterns. Her publishing company recently held a contest for her monsters, and surprisingly enough, Hugo won! I’ll have a Danger-made monster in my house within the next few days.

Though I consider my inability to relax non-existent, I spent more than enough at my LYS (thanks to my birthday discount) to keep me pretty occupied during the week. I even got a Nook to store some of my PDF patterns to make it even easier to take them with me, but for now I’ve just been playing a lot of Crossword on it…


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